Lube Oil Flush

Your oil system is critical to the functioning of your equipment. Carbon and varnish build-up can compromise equipment, especially large, complex machinery, such as stationary engines, turbines, paper machines and plastic injection molders.

With our lube oil flushing services, we help you:

  • Meet and exceed ISO cleanliness standards
  • Improve your equipment’s reliability and extend its service life
  • Save money by reducing maintenance, downtime and lube disposal

Value-Added Process

At ESI, our process is:

  • Comprehensive
  • Proven and reliable
  • Cost and time-saving

We provide you a complete plan to prolong the life of your key systems and equipment. While developing flush plans, we thoroughly review the state of your reservoirs, screens, heat exchangers, coolers, turbines and other components, determine proper flushing protocols and provide complete flush solutions to remove contaminants, fix moisture levels, remove varnish and degrease & pickle equipment. Then, we document everything and give you a complete service summary for your records.

Professional Lube Oil Flushing Services

Our comprehensive suite of flushing services includes:

Detailed flush planning:

  • Flush plan development with recommendations to improve reliability
  • Flush path and jumper installation verification
  • Selection of flush oil
  • Determination of necessity of cleaners

Complete system flushing and related services:

  • Lube oil flushing
  • Heat transfer system flushing
  • Managed flushing services
  • High-velocity hot oil flushing (HVOF) for compressors, gas & steam turbines, piping, stationary engines, heat exchangers and tanks
  • HVOF equipment setup
  • Turbulent flow to remove system piping decontaminants

Total system contaminant removal

  • Varnish/sludge removal
  • Utility pigging to remove debris and apply sealant
  • Removal of metalworking debris and dirt contaminants
  • Turnkey solutions — e.g. flanges, filters, jumpers

Inspection and documentation

  • Inspections of flush screens‚ flush rig filters and bags
  • Contaminant analysis
  • Gathering of key baseline and related performance data
  • System improvement monitoring
  • Assist in establishing inspection requirements for lubricant performance and quality assurance
  • Daily communication of key stakeholders that follow a pre-determined Inspection Test Plan (ITP)

Service summary and ROI documentation:

  • Steps Completed
  • Performance improvement documentation
  • Additional engineering recommendations for reliability
  • Routine recommendations — e.g. preventative maintenance
  • Decontamination of system piping with turbulent flow

Deep Experience. Total Safety. Professional Results.

At ESI, we take safety, health and the environment seriously, safely delivering projects of all sizes to meet API 614 standards. Our engineers:

  • Know the hazards of handling, storage, and use of petroleum products
  • Coordinate efforts through designated plant personnel
  • Strictly observe site, environmental and ESI safety protocols
  • Verify equipment electrical and mechanical lockout, proper tagging and potential explosion hazards before working with equipment
  • Provide recommendations to reduce spill, leakage and fire hazards

With our own specialty equipment, we make oil flushing easy, fast and reliable, completing jobs in 4 to 7 days per turbine — while meeting or exceeding the OEM start-up cleanliness specs of ISO 16/13/10.

Turbine Brands We Service on a Regular Basis

We’ve delivered numerous turnkey lube oil flushing services for gas & steam turbines made by:

  • GE
  • Siemens–Westinghouse
  • Dresser–Rand
  • Elliott
  • Kobelco
  • Sulzer
  • Solar Turbines (CAT)
  • And more

Client Testimonials for Our High Velocity Hot Oil Flushing Equipment & Services

ESI became a part of Bechtel’s success at the Elm Road Power Station providing fast-track pre-engineered and detailed procedures for Continuous Steam Blowing, Boiler Chemical Cleaning, and Turbine Lube Oil Flushing during critical path timelines in its commissioning phase. Their team was very professional and completed the work on time and above spec.

Bechtel - Elm Road Power Station Manager

ESI air-shipped a high volume of oil flush equipment to our plant in Greece when a previous contractor failed to successfully flush a 600mw turbine with conventional methods. The team from ESI completed the flush in 7 days, exceeding the cleanliness specification with the manufacturer providing warranties and our expectations.

European Chemical Plant - Plant Maintenance Manager

Project Examples

Boiler Lube Oil Flushing

HVOF flush boiler project

Bechtel has contracted ESI to provide critical path cleaning services, including oil flushing, for 2 x 600mw supercritical boilers under construction near Chicago.

JFK Jet Fuel Flushing

JFK Steam Flush airport fuel lines

A large EPC Company trusted ESI with the preparation of a major jet aviation fuel pipeline system at the JFK expansion. ESI provided complete jet fuel flushing services.

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