Hydrostatic Testing

Pipelines need to perform reliably and consistently — even in the harshest environments. At times, pressure can reach extreme levels. As one of the most trusted hydrostatic testing companies, we ensure your piping and systems are up to the task.

ESI hydrostatic testing services are:

  • Cost-effective and money-saving
  • Highly efficient and time-saving
  • Reliable, giving you peace of mind
  • A perfect complement to our industrial system cleaning solutions

We provide extensive experience and can develop value-added plans during critical path commissioning to remove any confusion, so your team can stay focused on construction and commissioning.

Hydrostatic Testing Basics

Hydrostatic testing is a procedure designed to test for strength and leaks in piping systems, boilers, gas cylinders and pressure vessels to confirm they’ll operate properly, even under extreme conditions. Tests are typically required after repairs and shutdowns to validate equipment can successfully return to operation. Testing is conducted at higher pressures than normal operating pressures, typically up to 150 percent of the designed pressure.

ESI Hydrostatic Testing Process

At ESI, we understand there is no one-size fits all hydrostatic pressure test. We plan, design and implement testing procedures to ensure the integrity of your unique equipment and piping. We serve industrial companies across a range of industries, such as chemical production and oil & gas businesses with a process that’s complete, proven and designed to save you time and money. We provide detailed plans in which we inspect your equipment, determine the proper testing approach and then deliver documentation and proof of testing results.

Hydrostatic Testing Services

Our extensive hydrostatic testing capabilities include:

  • Hydrostatic pipe testing and pipeline hydrostatic testing using a variety of techniques
  • Pressure and flow testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Extensive cleaning procedures

In addition, we offer a range of cleaning services that help ensure your pipelines and piping will operate smoothly and at full capacity:

  • Lube oil flushing of gas and steam turbines, piping, boilers, reservoirs, tanks and more
  • Heat transfer system flushing
  • Managed flushing services
  • High velocity hot oil flushing (HVOF)
  • HVOF equipment setup
  • Turbulent flow to remove system piping decontaminants
  • Varnish/sludge removal
  • Removal of metal working debris and dirt contaminants
  • Turnkey solutions — e.g. flanges, filters, jumpers
  • Detailed inspections
  • Daily communication of key stakeholders that follow a pre-determined Inspection Test Plan (ITP)
  • Service summary and documentation
  • Routine recommendations — e.g. preventative maintenance
  • Additional engineering recommendations

A Safe, Experienced Hydrostatic Testing Company

Hydraulic testing is dangerous and must be handled with care by professionals to avoid dangerous leaks, equipment failures and other hazards. At ESI, we take safety, health and the environment seriously. Our engineers:

  • Are highly trained and properly equipped for each job
  • Closely adhere to prescribed procedures defined in relevant technical standards specific to each application
  • Coordinate efforts through your designated plant personnel
  • Observe all safety protocols
  • Verify and account for all hazards before working with equipment

Client Testimonials

ESI became a part of Bechtel’s success at the Elm Road Power Station providing fast-track pre-engineered and detailed procedures for Continuous Steam Blowing, Boiler Chemical Cleaning, and Turbine Lube Oil Flushing during critical path timelines in its commissioning phase. Their team was very professional and completed the work on time and above spec.

Bechtel - Elm Road Power Station Manager

ESI saved us $mm after reducing the cleaning activities down from four months to five weeks. They provided a major impact on the critical path startup timeline that could have otherwise been disastrous. Thanks again ESI!

Major EPC Company in India - EPC Project Lead

Project Examples

Gulf Copper/Pride Rig Turnaround

Gulf Copper Pride Rig Commissioning

ESI was awarded fast-track cleaning services to get rigs turned around safely and quickly. With our cleaning and testing services, we got the rigs back to work.

Plant Pre-Commissioning: Foster Wheeler

ESI provides a range of continuous services, including detailed cleaning and hydrostatic testing for Foster Wheeler at the Petro Rabigh plant in Saudi Arabia.

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