Hydrojetting Services

Is your project in a time crunch? At Energy Services International, we can pre-clean a specific piping system, either before or after installation, with our high-pressure hydrojetting system.

ESI hydrojetting services:

  • Can meet the absolute fastest project schedules
  • Save you money
  • Generate more MW than anyone else
  • Are always completed on-time and under budget

Schedule ESI for your next maintenance outage.

Our Hydrojetting Procedure for High-Pressure Pipe Cleaning

We bring extensive experience and expertise in hydrojetting services using a seamless, proven process.

  • Hydrojetting procedures are used to rapidly remove debris and contaminants from piping during fast-track commissioning projects
  • ESI designed nozzles are placed on a rotorary machine close to the pipe wall
  • A predetermined pressure and water volume then propels the cleaning nozzle through the piping system — significantly reducing air or steam blowing time
  • Debris is removed by the cleaning nozzle and collected

Equipment for hydrojetting procedure:

It’s not manpower that gets your systems clean, it’s raw horsepower coupled with the right equipment and technology.

  • ESI uses 1200 horsepower, containerized pumps that deliver 200 gallons per minute
  • We couple that with automated tools that get air heater baskets clean — period

We ship our equipment worldwide and can even complete high-pressure hydrojetting processes in 2 days or less!

Following the completion of our project with you, we provide:

  • Validation that your piping systems are clear of debris
  • Thorough project documentation and service summaries
  • Engineering and maintenance recommendations

Total Safety

As you can imagine, working with hydrojetting equipment requires utmost attention to detail and safety. That’s why ESI engineers:

  • Are highly trained, certified professionals
  • Work with your plant manager(s) to thoroughly assess and plan for any and all project risks in your plant setting
  • Follow all safety procedures
  • Communicate daily and clearly with you

We get the job done, safely, on budget and on time — every time.

Client Testimonials

ESI became a part of Bechtel’s success at the Elm Road Power Station providing fast-track pre-engineered and detailed procedures for Continuous Steam Blowing, Boiler Chemical Cleaning, and Turbine Lube Oil Flushing during critical path timelines in its commissioning phase. Their team was very professional and completed the work on time and above spec.

Bechtel - Elm Road Power Station Manager

ESI saved us $mm after reducing the cleaning activities down from four months to five weeks. They provided a major impact on the critical path startup timeline that could have otherwise been disastrous. Thanks again ESI!

Major EPC Company in India - EPC Project Lead

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