precommissioning safety

ESI Emphasis on Pre-Commissioning Safety

At ESI, pre-commissioning safety is paramount, and we have put measures in place to reduce the risk of injury and damage to personnel and equipment. Safety is important to us because it protects our crew (whom we like, or else we wouldn’t employ them) and it protects you from liability and risk.

Our crew takes ownership and responsibility for their safety and wellbeing on every worksite. They are trained to be observant and detect potential hazards, reporting any instances that could cause injury to personnel or damage to equipment. Precautions taken during every phase of the job, from pre-commissioning through completion, ensure successful delivery of your services.

Things we do to create a safe work environment while on-site include:

  • Hire only highly trained MLA 1 & MLA2 trained & certified technicians that we trust to be on our crew — all of our guys have proven on-site safety track records
  • Use high-quality materials and proper tools to reduce the risk of leaks and injuries
  • Always wear proper PPE onsite including steel-toed boots, hard hats, flame-retardant clothing, safety glasses, and hearing protection equipment
  • Conduct internal safety observations and daily safety tool box talks
  • Lock-out tag-out any equipment before maintenance
  • Walk-down the site before any job to pre-plan procedures and address any logistics so there are no surprises
  • Pre-meet with your site coordinator to discuss and plan for further safety precautions to prepare our technicians ahead of time

We proactively pursue our goal of zero quality defects, environmental incidents and OSHA recordable incidents. We do our due diligence to create and maintain a safe working environment throughout our time on-site. By taking the necessary precautions and following the proper procedures from day one, we significantly reduce the risk and liability for you while making sure our valuable crew members make it home safely.

For more information, or if you have any questions, contact one of our certified technicians today at 800-770-4510.