An ESI flushing system access point

The #1 Thing Most EPC’s Forget that Will Cost You Later

Did you remember to plan access points for pre-commissioning and cleaning procedures? You would be surprised how many EPC’s can’t answer this with a yes. Why does it matter? Can’t we just find a way to get in there and clean the system anyway?

Closed systems with no access points at all are fairly common. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to cut into existing piping or, occasionally, couldn’t clean a system at all because there was simply no way in. The problem with either of those scenarios is that you are stuck with two crappy choices: spend money ripping apart process equipment/piping or significantly lower the lifetime value and ROI of your systems by not properly cleaning them.

There is a better way!  Pre-engineering for pre-commissioning and cleaning. In other words, planning for future system cleaning. When should you start planning for this? As early as possible. Bringing your pre-commissioning partners into the early drawing development and P&ID designs will save lots of headaches down the line and improve your overall project outcome. Our team has many years of experience cleaning all types of systems, and that real-world knowledge can help shape piping and plant designs that mean debris, mill scale, varnish and contaminates don’t ruin a perfectly good plant.

If you are an EPC, this means you have a lot less redesigning to explain to your end-client. As an end-client, this reduces unplanned expenses and ensures systems are running at peak conditions as long as a possible. For us, it means we can do our jobs more effectively and help plants stay clean and safe. A win-win-win if we’ve ever heard of one!

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