Refining Industry Services

Minimizing downtime and extending the life of critical equipment is more important than ever in today’s competitive environment. The health of your oil and lubricant systems plays a major role in keeping turbines and other equipment running longer and maintaining ISO standards. Journal Bearing Clearances (10- to 20-microns) and Servo-Valve Clearances (3- to 5-microns) demand the need for clean oil and ESI has the experience, staff and equipment to ensure your startup will be reliable, on time and within budget.

Whether you have a fresh startup, scheduled oil refinery maintenance, turnarounds, or an emergency situation, ESI is here to help with your refinery preventive maintenance. We are proven in meeting and exceeding standards in chemical cleaning, high velocity hot oil flushing and hydroblasting services. All ESI staff are well-versed in cleanliness specs; API 614 pipe cleanliness, ISO 4406:99, NAS 1638, NAS class 6 for critical oil systems and NAS class 8 for controlled oil systems to name a few.

Reliability Services

  • High velocity oil flushing (HVOF)
  • Varnish mitigation
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Oil reclamation
  • Emergency water and particulate removal
  • Oil sampling and analysis

Reliability Equipment and Products

  • Vacuum dehydration units
  • Lube oil filters
  • Breathers
  • Fluid handling solutions
  • Custom auxiliary filtration

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Client Testimonials

ESI air-shipped a high volume of oil flush equipment to our plant in Greece when a previous contractor failed to successfully flush a 600mw turbine with conventional methods. The team from ESI completed the flush in 7 days, exceeding the cleanliness specification with the manufacturer providing warranties and our expectations.

European Chemical Plant - Plant Maintenance Manager

ESI provided turnkey pre-engineering and steam blow services for our two 600mw coal-fired boilers at our plant in Paiton, Indonesia. The pre-engineering and detailed procedures submitted prior to the actual work ensured that the multi-million pound-per-hour steam blows were successfully completed in ten days instead of the months it would have taken going the conventional route.

Paiton Indonesia Coal-Fired Boilers - Internal Project Engineer