April 2018

A lube oil filtration system is pictured at a refinery
Why Temporary Filtration is Crucial for Process Equipment
April 24, 2018

Temporary filtration of hydraulic and lube oil systems is an efficient, cost-effective way to prevent problems before they happen. Often overlooked... Read More
ESI job site for precommissioning and steam blowing
New Technologies Drive Better Cleaning Procedures
April 19, 2018

Pre-cleaning and regular maintenance of piping, critical system components, and lube oil systems are critical to extending the life of equipment... Read More
precommissioning safety
ESI Emphasis on Pre-Commissioning Safety
April 19, 2018

At ESI, pre-commissioning safety is paramount, and we have put measures in place to reduce the risk of injury and damage... Read More
An ESI flushing system access point
The #1 Thing Most EPC’s Forget that Will Cost You Later
April 18, 2018

Did you remember to plan access points for pre-commissioning and cleaning procedures? You would be surprised how many EPC’s can’t answer... Read More
Steam Blow Silencer ESI
Challenges to Combined-Cycle Plant Steam Blowing Procedures
April 18, 2018

Combined cycle plants using gas and steam turbines in parallel present a special set of challenges during cleaning. Any missed debris... Read More
lube oil flushing procedure
Flushing Procedure Frequently Asked Questions
April 18, 2018

FAQ's for Flushing Procedures Below is a list of frequently asked questions we get from our customers. Our team of certified... Read More
lube oil flushing
Developing the Right Oil Flushing Plan
April 18, 2018

What is the right acceptance criteria to use for oil flushing activities? For clients new to the world of oil cleanliness... Read More
Case Study: Preventative Maintenance Saved A Peak Power Plant $5 Million Dollars
April 18, 2018

Keeping fluids clear of contaminants is crucial to the operational readiness of power plants. Fail-to-start or unit trip can cause unexpected... Read More
Keeping Your Turbine Equipment Humming
April 18, 2018

Are plugged filters and sticking servo valves causing downtime and repairs, and costing you thousands of dollars? You might be struggling... Read More
turnaround maintenance
How to Choose A Plant Maintenance Contractor
April 18, 2018

It can be hard to tell which plant maintenance contractors are a good fit for your needs and are trustworthy to... Read More