FastAir® Air Blow Services

Process piping is critical to the functioning of your equipment, and it must be kept in clean condition to ensure proper system operation. Following construction of build systems, drying pipelines and other systems, it’s crucial to remove any debris that may have been left behind and test for the cleanliness of piping systems. Otherwise, it can lead to contamination, clogged piping and control valves, equipment damage and malfunctions.

With our air blowing pre-commissioning services, we do exactly that, ensuring the integrity of your system.

At ESI, we ensure our clients:

  • Stay on track and avoid delays and shutdowns
  • Are guaranteed thorough, effective cleaning
  • Enjoy peace of mind from our safe, best-practice field execution
  • Save time and money

We provide years of experience in air blow pipe cleaning and deliver custom, value-added plans specifically for your equipment and critical path commissioning.

Air Blow Cleaning Basics

Our FastAir® air blow services test the cleanliness of your piping systems with high-velocity air following hydrostatic testing and pressure & leak testing.

We use oil-free compressors capable of meeting maximum blow design conditions, in combination with specialized high-pressure, quick opening blow valves. We control noise levels with our proven, newly designed ESI Full Flow SilencerT, which do not restrict velocities in permanent piping.

Complete Air Blow and Cleaning Services

In addition to our FastAir® air blowing, we provide complete pre-commissioning air blow cleaning, steam blowing and testing suite of services, including:

  • Hydrostatic pipe testing using a variety of techniques
  • Steam blowing
  • Pressure and flow testing
  • Air blowing pipe cleaning
  • Air blowing pre-commissioning
  • Leak testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • And more

We also offer comprehensive cleaning services, including:

  • Comprehensive flush planning
  • Lube oil flushing of gas and steam turbines, piping, boilers, reservoirs, tanks and more
  • Heat transfer system flushing
  • Managed flushing services
  • High velocity hot oil flushing (HVOF)
  • Turbulent flow
  • Varnish removal
  • Removal of metal working debris and dirt contaminants
  • Turnkey solutions — e.g. flanges, filters, jumpers
  • And more

Following testing and cleaning, we provide detailed inspections, thorough documentation, project summaries and engineering recommendations.

Client Testimonials

ESI airshiped a high volume oil flush equipment to our plant in Greece when a previous contractor failed to successfully flush a 600mw turbine with conventional methods. The team from ESI completed the flush in 7 days, exceeding the cleanliness specification with the manufacturer providing warranties and our expectations.

European Chemical Plant - Plant Maintenance Manager

ESI provided turnkey pre-engineering and steam blow services for our two 600mw coal-fired boilers at our plant in Paiton Indonesia. The pre-engineering and detailed procedures submitted prior to the actual work ensured that the multi-million pound per hour steam blows were successfully completed in ten days instead of the months it would have taken going the conventional route.

Paiton Indonesia Coal-Fired Boilers - Internal Project Engineer

Project Examples

Air Blow and Pre-Commissioning: Saudi Arabia

Petro Rabigh Plant Precommissioning

Foster Wheeler has ESI service all equipment, including providing air blowing, for the Petro Rabigh plant in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Plant Pre-Commissioning and Air Blowing: Europe

ESI has entered into an alliance in Spain to work on air blowing and plant pre-commissioning projects across Spain, Italy and Portugal.

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